Kangaroo Island

Antechamber Bay Ecocabins

Paradise between the river and the sea

Eco Features

Definition of Ecotourism (as per Ecotourism Australia)
Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation. We are currently undertaking Ecotourism certification with Ecotourism Australia.

Solar powered lighting and refrigeration
Solar panels are used to collect electricity to power lights and refrigeration but you won't even notice the difference! These panels make up the roof of the Amenities Centre.

Rainwater is collected from the roofs of all buildings on the property and stored in a series of interlinked tanks that enable sharing of the water.

Solar heated hot water
The solar heated water is held in recycled aluminium drums and heavily insulated in the Amenities Centre roof.

Self-composting odourless toilets.
Australian-made Nature-Loos - they are chemical free, use no water and don't pollute the environment. Better than that they are odourless! Visit www.nature-loo.com.au for more information.

Use of recycled and plantation building materials.
Australian cyprus pine was used as it is a natural white ant deterrent. Plumbing fittings, kitchen areas and much of the building wood and windows are recycled materials.

Chemical Free Cleaning
No chemicals are used to clean the facilities. Kangaroo Island's Emu Ridge eucalyptus oil in a 10/90 water mix is used for its natural disinfectant properties. Enjo fibres are used with small amounts of water and bicarbonate of soda is used as an abrasive cleaner. Vanilla essence is used in a 10/90 water mix as a fridge deodoriser.